Sucking Dick

In the vast majority of cases this is a wonderful experience that brings much joy and satisfaction to both participants. It signifies high level of sexual comfort and desire. So, why then does it sound so derogatory when someone talks about sucking dick? Is it due to our repressed, prudish, narrow minded nature, or is there more to this? Why is there always an undertone of humiliating to the act of sucking someone else’s dick? There is nothing humiliating about it whatsoever if you do it because you want to.

2 thoughts on “Sucking Dick

  1. I’ve entertained similar thoughts about the word “pussy” as a derogatory term. Alpha male monkeys throwing it around are especially amusing because of how much they build their identity around crushing as much of it as possible, not to mention how some end up as little crying babies when the tables turn and that pussy ends up fucking them. I think that males in general never come to terms with just how much women and to that related extent nature in general have power over them. The utter slavishness you see from so many men with regards to women betrays the myth that men “rule the world”.

    One of the best comments I’ve ever heard related to this is from Camille Paglia in which she said something to the effect of, “This is why men have to go in packs when going to the strip club. They are terrified.” It’s consistent why my experiences of strip clubs with friends where they can’t just sit back, relax, and admire the sexual muses as it were; rather they have to put on a brave face, act macho, insist that all these bitches want to fuck them, and of course that they “ain’t shit.” It’s really quite pathetic. My best experiences at strip clubs have been when I go alone and can simply enjoy it for what it is without all the bro bullshit.

    By the way I love your site. I always stop anything I’m doing to read any new update I see in my inbox. Although I’m a newbie to the city (2 years) I can’t say that your attitude isn’t appropriate. Many of the people here need some seriously incisive hate to light a fire under their asses. For all the pomp, talk of innovation, big words and money, it all feels rather shallow and inconsequential. I am a bit shocked at how SF aims rather low.

    • Thank you for your kind words and very interesting observations. Yes, indeed – it’s amazing how the guys who act the most macho can turn quite soft and irrational when p-ssy whipped. Is it the power of love? Or overblown ego that doesn’t really have a solid foundation? Yes, men do have to go out in packs. This reminds me – I don’t think I have ever seen a woman being cat called, however innocently, by a guy who is a lone. It always comes from a group.
      I am impressed that you are able to have such a deep insight into this city after being here for such a short period of time and I appreciate your attention to this site. As you may have heard, it didn’t always used to be this way…

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