Cunt Me Once Shame On You, Cunt Me Twice Shame On Me

Yesterday, I had the “pleasure” of taking one miserable Lyft ride from Irving to Montgomery. I was picked up by a car that already had one extremely unfriendly looking passenger  – a texting drone of a female kind who didn’t even bother to turn and say hello even  thought I sat right next to her. She got dropped of on Fillmore (what a shock), and another, even more unfriendly cunt was picked up near that location. She got into a car with her huge headphones on without ever taking her eyes off her phone, while trying to set her Pandora station, as if she was getting onto a packed bus or Bart. No, she wasn’t cute. When the second cunt dropped off, I asked the driver why the girls are so damn unfriendly. He chuckled, nodded, sighed, said: “tell me about it.”

The pain of this ride was amplified by the fact that the driver was blasting the Giants game on the radio. I at least hope that the cunts hated the obnoxious baseball commentary radio show as much as I did.

5 thoughts on “Cunt Me Once Shame On You, Cunt Me Twice Shame On Me

  1. I agree with you when you call some men douchebags and some women cunts. Some actually do deserve it. But regarding a majority of the women, this may explain why they have grown a bit cold:

    Growing up, I would say 9 out of ten times I was nice to a guy, smiled and tried to have a normal conversation, it was taken as me flirting, which then led to them trying to make a move… There was this maintenance worker at a building where I lived that I said hi and how are you to every time I saw him. Then one day he hugged me. Whatever. Then later he leaned over and actually tried to kiss me. I’m still trying to be nice in general, but I understand why women these days don’t make eye contact…At least with those they are not attracted to. If I was attracted to a guy, it probably would be fine. Otherwise, it is like hell. Who wants to go through life everyday getting unwanted advances. That’s the life of most women.

    I understand that men have it tough as well. Women don’t usually go up to you men so someone’s gotta make the first move. But I think with respect ok both sides, it shouldn’t be a problem. Men shouldn’t at first encounter disrespect women on the street by saying whatever they want and women will smile more knowing men aren’t only up to one thing.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This makes a lot of sense. I guess it might be too much to ask for women not to be come jaded / angry / frustrated when guys make an unwanted move, and yet I can’t help but want or hope that women don’t allow their general attitude to be affected by those experience. After all, how is it that women in societies where men are known to be more aggressive still remain more friendly and they always expect and accept men to be dogs to a degree?

  2. The every-guy-thinks-I’m-into-him-so-I’ll-just-ignore-him defense works increasingly better for women that are considered extremely beautiful. It’s less persuasive for those further down the scale. So, if the “no, she wasn’t cute” girl is using this defense, then she’s either become insanely delusional (SF) or guys are so hopelessly desperate that they’ve turned into Frank Booth ala Blue Velvet, “I’ll F anything that moves!”. What the hell ever happened to a man and a woman having a friendly chat and then going their separate ways?

  3. Great question. With regard to the second possibility of guys being desperate – I just don’t see it around even though I hear that’s the case from some people. Men seem to be barely even looking at women or checking them out, let alone trying to talk to them. Guys seem to be very passive. I don’t know if it’s because they are truly interested more in their tech world than women, sex, etc… or they just lost hope or they have lots of options online, but I just don’t see desperation in the real world… what am I missing?

  4. I suppose men’s interest in women varies based on venue. I don’t think you’re going to find the NYC pick-up artist in SF coffee shops, but I just witnessed an interaction in a bar last night that would justify women trying to avoid eye contact or conversation. As soon as one of the women in the pair politely told the PUA standing next to me that she didn’t mean to be rude and wanted to spend more time talking to her friend, he turned to me and said – “f-g c*nt.” I just smirked, but wanted to say, “No, d-bag, she’s not a c*nt, you’re just an idiot who can’t even handle polite rejection. Stop being such a pussy.” So, I understand how that type of thing can have a chilling effect on the opposite sex. 🙂

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