Can Black Hipster Possibly Be Straight?

black hipster san francisco

Black(ish) hipster on Bart.

4 thoughts on “Can Black Hipster Possibly Be Straight?

  1. I dont get your blog sometimes. What are you trying to say here? Are you clowning him because he is gay or do you have a real concern as to his sexuality? And what if he is straight? He looks just like every other hipster in SF. How would you even know? What is the point of this post? Seems like youre just trying to stay relevant.

    • Good questions. Not all the posts have a specific point or a purpose. Some are for pure entertainment. Now when I think, the main reason I posted this because it’s pretty rare to see an African American hipster in our area. It’s just an observation. And then the question arises – how likely is your typical masculine black guy to adopt a hipster style? I don’t have an exact answer but I think it’s an interesting question.

  2. Probably more likely to see it in New York or LA, where there are actually more than a few black people living there as opposed to here, where according to the NY Times, blacks “make up about 6 percent of the city’s residents” and are “Around 1 percent of employees at tech companies in the Bay Area.” Still, good observation. He is pretty much like all the other cookie cutter asians who act white to fit in.

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