The Land Of Meaningless Conversations

meaningless conversations grove mission“The last time I went running, a bug flew into my eye, and it died.  – Did you take it out? – Of course, piece by piece…”        –   A dialogue at The Grove on Mission on a Friday night around 8 pm.

Eavesdropping is not nearly as much fun as it should be. Coffee shop conversations almost never go beyond food, travel and work. Everyone is playing it so safe it sickens me. Is there more to people and they are just hiding it, or is that all there is? How about a little controversy, a little personal drama or something that would make me want to lean in their direction and be even more creepy than I otherwise I am.

1 thought on “The Land Of Meaningless Conversations

  1. Get out of the coffee shops and sit at a bar. That’s where you’ll find a woman asking her friend why the married guy she’s seeing won’t leave his wife for her instead of talking about the new twinset she just got on sale. Coffee shop banter is boring. 🙂

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