SF Women –  Warm, Friendly,  And Approachable 

11 thoughts on “SF Women –  Warm, Friendly,  And Approachable 

      • I think you know the answer to that. You’ve been writing about it for years. High costs of living. Too many hours worked. Too many guys “flirting” with them on social media. Too many guys in general. Too many dating options gives women unlimited freedom to act the way they do (Dating apps dont help). Small physical landscape makes it hard to go out and find someone/thing new, especially when another someone/thing new could be right around the corner.

  1. I say yes. Behavior changes when competing for resources; in this case, a mate. LA and NY women aren’t different solely because of the cultures. They’re different because there are way more of them.

  2. I think if a sufficient number of guys left, or if a sufficient number of women arrived due to some similar type of encroachment by the fashion industry, etc., that their behavior would change (become more personable).

  3. Love the site. Watch for the latest fashion trend among women that’s popping up all over, even the freaking East Bay. The Hermes belt. Can’t afford a bag, so I’ll sport the belt with the big H buckle. Does it get any more gauche? I think not. 🙂

    • Oh wow I haven’t seen it yet. I can imagine it looks beyond tacky and still super expensive, right? I’m already dying to take a picture although that could be a challenge for obvious reasons. Any contributions are welcome. 🙂

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