OkCupid Confidential – 7 Signs She Will Just Waste Your Time

Some female members of dating sites are kind enough to be honest that they are not really looking to meet anyone for any romantic purpose, and they are on that site because they are bored and/or have nothing to do. Look at an actual example below. It’s a very short profile that contains at least 7(!) signs that she is not looking for any type of dating, love or romance in her life, and to this woman – OkC serves the same purpose as Facebook and Instagram.

To help you know exactly what I mean, I provide brief commentary below as wellokcupid sf profile bored girl

  1. “Explore” – i.e. I am bored. I am not “looking” and I don’t “want” to meet anyone. I am engaged in exploration without any specific purpose.
  2. “See what I am missing”  – her purpose is sorta FOMO driven. She just want to window shop.
  3. “Open to all possibilities”  – i.e. bored and lonely.
  4. “Like, swipe, and repeat” – admits to being addicted and jaded by the dating apps.
  5. “18-99” – anyone who is looking to date will have an age limit of who they are willing to talk to.
  6. “New friends” – yet another confirmation of boredom and loneliness.
  7. “No pressure” – she doesn’t expect anything and is not looking for anything and she wants you to be the same way.

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