The Most Depressing Coffee House Award for 2016

haus 24th street san franciscoEven though we are just about in the middle of year 2016, I can safely give this award to Haus on 24th Street. As you approach this place, you notice the striking, out-of-place modern sterility that sticks out like a sore thumb among all the old, authentic looking Mexican stores. You don’t have to go in to realize that you are walking into yet another tech-nerd-drone-type laptop classroom situation, as you can see the miserable faces glued to their laptops though the large window. They have zero interest in what’s going around them or outside, which begs the question – why even bother and come out?

However, you must walk inside in order to appreciate the overbearing, funeral-home type silence, where even the barista whispers when she talks to you so as not to disrupt the library-type atmosphere that doesn’t have any of that good stuff that real libraries have. It appears to be an unwritten rule that you are not supposed to be talking when you are in there. I have been there twice over the past few months. The first time I lasted for about 30 minutes before I realized how much that heavy silence bothered me. The second time, I barely lasted 5 minutes.

If you are in a good, go in there and you will come out depressed.

If you are depressed, go in there and you will come out suicidal.

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