“Racist” Mother on Red Square

Yesterday, while having a lentil soup at Crepe House on Polk, I overheard a young black man telling his friends about his experience recently visiting Russia. While hanging out on Red Square one day, he was asked by a woman to hold her children so that she could take their picture, because her children have never seen a black person before, and it was very interesting to them.  This story was meant to make a point of how racists Russians are. Ironically, it‘s far more racist to think that the incident was racist. See, we Americans live in this horrible matrix defined by slavery, discrimination, continuing police brutality against blacks, affirmative action, victim mentality and resulting excessive political correctness. We are afraid to even mention someone’s race, especially when it comes to black people. Russia and many other places simply do not have these hang ups. In all those others places, pointing out someone’s color is not a big deal and that mother’s request was not meant to be racist or offensive in any way.  Hopefully, one day we will be able to distinguish between treating someone badly because of their race and simply mentioning, an we will be able to freely do the letter without being concerned about repercussions.

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