Quitters And The City

When you meet someone new who you are attracted to and would like to see whether there is potential for something serious or meaningful to develop between the two of you, be ready for the person you met to quit at the very first obstacle – at his / her discovering of any kind of issue, friction or disagreement between the two of you. There is no talking about it and trying to work it out or get pass that. The only solution is moving on.

Contrary to what you might think, the dating options are not unlimited, even in this transient city where people come and go all the time, and where you are not supposed to last for longer than 3-4 years before you move out to East / South Bay. You will only meet a handful of people throughout your entire lifetime, who you are really attracted to and who feel the same about you. So, before you dismiss any of them, it’s a good idea to ask yourself whether the good things they have to offer are worth the work it would take to work out any issues and disagreements. Often, the answer is “yes”, yet this is the exact answer we are unwilling to recognize.

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