Unforgiving in SF

An actively dating male reader shared an interesting pattern. He says that the few times he had to cancel a date on a short notice recently for a very good reason and tried to reschedule, the girls would not give it a second chance. This is even though he would call them, apologize and ask to reschedule very nicely. He wonder why and wants me to provide a few thoughts.

This is a tough question. I suppose this unforgiving approach somehow ties into (a) entitlement and big ego – i.e. “no one cancels on me..” or (b) major emotional bruise from a recent dating past and being treated like shit by different guys, which translates into a low / no tolerance or anything that remotely resembles similar future mistreatment. Or, it’s a combination of both of the above.

1 thought on “Unforgiving in SF

  1. Well, why does he keep cancelling so frequently? Maybe he is too busy to date at the moment. Most women will think he is easy too easy, or low on the conscientious scale. No one wants to date a flakey person.

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