There Should Be A Limit on the # of “Likes” We Are Allowed to Say

The word “like” has been really getting on my nerves lately. My frequent eavesdropping of conversations in public has revealed that even the most educated people say “like” waaaay too often, even during their most important conversations, such as dates and job interviews (often, it’s impossible to tell whether it’s one or the other).

I propose a limit on the use of word “like”.  You have an unlimited rights to use “like” as a verb. But you can only use it as a filler for up to five times a day. For every extra time you use it as a filler, you should be punished. One lash per “like” seems fair.

No matter what kind of job you have and how many degrees you have, using the “like” filler makes you sound super dumb, so ideally you should kick that habit on your own. This is especially true among younger girls, among whom this illness is far more common and extreme.


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