Meaningful Life Is Not The Domain of Foodies

foodie asian girl

A look of a woman who has never been in love, except for her emotional connection with a salad.

The importance of food in one’s life (chefs and other culinary professionals excluded) is inversely proportional to their level of fulfillment and satisfaction from all the other aspects of life.

Having surrogate friendships and interests you aren’t that stoked about, and being involved with someone romantically who you aren’t that romantic about, will make you focus way too much on which restaurant to go, what appetizer to order, and which wine goes with what steak. You should know that you have a problem when talking about restaurants turns into a main topic of your conversation with anyone. And boredom itself is, of course, known to lead to overeating.

On the other hand, being truly in love and craving someone’s physical and mental company, or being really interested in anything or anyone and having their full, intense attention, romantic or platonic, will often make you lose interest in such mundane issues as where to go to eat and what to order. I just can’t imagine that a girl (or a guy) who is truly passionate about something or who is really in love, or both, would debate for an hour where to go to eat or will be writing out elaborate yelp reviews about some new overrated restaurant. She couldn’t care less. She has better things to do and better things to think about, fantasize and hope for than what type of rice of meat to stuff her mouth with.

If you have real friends, you don’t have to go to a restaurant every time you see them. You enjoy their company over coffee or simply sitting on the couch at your place or theirs. Sharing thoughts, ideas, opinions, interests, plans and even disagreements becomes so much more fun and fulfilling than sharing a plate of organic polenta or a pile bland salad.

When you are touched by real love, real friendship, or real any other real passion, the importance of pursuing fine dining becomes secondary at best.

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