In SF We Much Prefer Quantity Over Quality

  • Having tons of superficial,l flaky friends is better than having one or a few dedicated, interesting and loyal ones.
  • Going on three bad dates a week is better than going on one amazing one a month.
  • Having 8 “hobbies” that you indulge in once a quarter, at best, is better than having one or two real hobbies that you are truly passionate about and engage in daily or at least weekly.
  • Going to 4 holiday parties in one night, and staying 20 minutes at each one is better than spending the night at one great party where you can relax and fully enjoy it.
  • Reading 12 cliche personal growth / business planning books on Kindle is better than delving deeply into one quality read.
  • Traveling to 5 countries in two weeks and having the superficial experiences of hanging out in the tourist traps at each country is better than spending those two weeks in one or two countries and getting to know the place you visit on a deeper level.
  • Having an ugly watch that can do 1000 things is better than having a beautiful watch that simply tells the time.

classic elegant tissot watch

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