The Rise Of The One Date Stand In The City

one-date standBelieve it or not, but the desperate desire for attention, i.e. attention whoring, is a more powerful drive today in SF than the almighty sex drive.

How do I know?

Because it appears that today people don’t even need to sleep with each other to get their “fix” and move onto the next person. All they need is one coffee date or a drink and they are ready to move on to the next target. And whether they actually any sexual contact with that person seems to be irrelevant. Many do not even hope for anything to happen. The same generic, cliche interview-type chat over a diluted cup of coffee or not so inspiring drink will do. Guys hardly try anymore… As long as their ego is satisfied, their balls can wait till they get home beat one out toward their favorite porn Goddesses.

Sad? No. It’s rather pathetic, and it shall be called a one-date stand.

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