Are Single Girls in SF Destined to Become Jaded Cunts

  • Demanding, pseudo important, pseudo exciting job that wear hers out emotionally and physically.
  • Pseudo dating life, consisting of casual, pointless dating and texting, and countless disappointments in men.
  • Pseudo physical intimacy without any true emotional connection and devotion, which undermines her understanding of, and any hope for, true love.
  • Pseudo friendships consisting of texting, Facebook updates, going out for drinks to bond over cross bitching about love life, and mediocre dinners with disposable friends.
  • Pseudo hobbies  – things she does not because she wants but because her friends do.
  • Pseudo excitement over the most trivial shit, such as new hair style, a purse, a promotion, or a trip to Vegas.
  • No time for or ability to focus on any type of art.
  • All real feelings and emotions are suppressed by a social mask and anti depressants and make her soul feel as sterile as the new cheese shop on Montgomery.

So, how is one not to become and irreversibly jaded cunt?

la fromagerie cheese shop san francisco

2 thoughts on “Are Single Girls in SF Destined to Become Jaded Cunts

  1. Youve been doin this for a long time, im surprised not more people are following you. Fyi, dont think your posts go unread. I dont “like” or post a lot, but I read these all the time and (for better or worse) they help me get through the tough times in SF. Most of your observations are spot on, I consider them a reflection of the city which many will look back on as a trivial time in which we could not figure each other out even if we wanted to.

    • Thank you. Much appreciate your kind words and it means a lot to me. And if my utterly dark humor makes your days better, it makes me all the happier. You are always welcome to comment … or not. More goodies to come.

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