God and Electrons

electronsThe greatest value of religion is not in believing in all the questionable stories in the Bible, Torah, Quran, or wherever else. We will never know for sure whether God exists or even what God actual is. Therefore, it’s best if God is treated as a concept, rather than some kind of actual being. The main value of religion is in the positive impact it should, but sadly doesn’t always, have on a believer. Having such virtues as kindness, generosity, humility, honesty, etc., and acting accordingly is a wonderful thing, no matter what the reason for that behavior is. If faith and fear of God encourage a person to be that way, then the value of religion has already been satisfied. Everything else are secondary details.

This is very similar to the concept of electrones. No one has ever seen one, even though we think we can weight them and even measure their speed. Yet, the entire world of electricity, electronics, nuclear energy, and all the wonderful appliance we have been using for decades are based on that very concept of their existence.

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