In Defense of Classic Luxury Beauty

Under the risk of sounding hypocritical, I will admit that lately I have been admiring people who splurge on classic luxury items such as expensive pens, watches, jewelery, etc.  Why? – Because this world seems to be starving more and more for the type of classic beauty that has been rapidly disappearing. We have been consistently downgrading the notional of beauty and style.

We have gone from  this


down to this


from this

fountain pen

down to this:



from this:


down to this:


from this

nice book cover

to this –


and from this

paris classic architecture  to this:

modern construction

If someone contributes today to keeping the industry of luxury items, which also happened to be beautiful, alive, I admire them without hesitation.

Of course, by luxury beauty I do not refer to brand items that are as ugly and undeserving of fame as they are cliche:

louis vuitton bag

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