Douchy Tesla Test Driving Dates Are In Style Now

douchy date test driving tesla san franciscoAs I was sitting at Grove on Fillmore – a cafe known for date friendly ambiance, steadily declining quality of food, and serving lukewarm coffee after 8 pm, I have had the misfortune of overhearing two 6’s (white below average looking, entitled females with obnoxious manly voices and nothing interesting to say) chat about their dating stories. At one point they both shared how several guys recently asked them on a date to  test drive a Tesla, which they thought was a very cool and unique idea. As I heard that, I almost choked on my overpriced, poorly made tuna melt.  I thought  – how douchy and how unromantic those guys might be. They really don’t deserve better women than the ones who, in the ideal world, shouldn’t even be allowed to be anywhere near a Tesla.

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