Hubris and Arrogance

A friend forwarded an article that ties our beloved tech bubble and the emergence of sky rises to our arrogance – “… It’s hubris and overconfidence embodied in this chest-thumping behavior…”  But, I believe this statement is way more important and broad that it’s intended to be in the article. These mentioned wonderful traits affect so many other aspects of our culture  – from body langue and style, to dating, behavior on the road and our spending patterns.

So many act and walk as if they were god’s gift. Their overconfidence leads them to chronic overdressing, overspending, and under-worrying about showing a little more class, subtlety, and saving a buck or two saved up for a rainy day. Too many of us act like that rainy day might never come, not realizing that the cloud is never as far as it might seem to be, and it only takes a certain direction of wind to bring it over and make it pour hard.

We love acting as if we were invincible, but it’s nothing other than yet another way to overcompensate  for the opposite – our profound mental and economic vulnerability.

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