Ungrateful, Clueless Men of SF

Over the past few years, I have been out a few times with female friends, and during several of those occasions, I would come up to a guy who one of my female friends was eyeing and wishing to meet and would tell the guy that my female friend wanted to meet him. The response has always been the same and very disappointing  – instead of “oh, wow, thank you, that’s so nice of you…” and come up to her and introduce himself, they would act like the most unexcited disinterested zombies, even if they were openly single (and straight). And for the record, the female friends I am referring to were quite attractive. One guy went as far as glancing in the direction of the girl and dismissively telling me “aright… I will go and talk to her a bit later” as if he was doing me some kind of favor. How lame is that! Every time I complain about the women in SF, I have to be reminded that men are no better and they probably deserve each other.

2 thoughts on “Ungrateful, Clueless Men of SF

  1. I wonder where these people come from. Who sent them here to torture us? Abercrombie & Fitch? Lululemon? Did they rise out of Saturday night Marina vomit? Aliens? Mattel?

    It was not this bad once upon a time. I guess a majority of the good people have been priced out.

    Yes, they deserve each other. But not in my home town. I suggest airlifting them straight from happy hour, bar and all, to Plastic Island. Dump them there and provide nothing. Let them fend for themselves and fight each other. May the best douche and douchess win. They can be king and queen, but all of them think they are anyway. Film them 24/7, people around the world can watch on YouTube. These “people” are too special for San Francisco. They deserve their own island.

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