Men Are At Fault for Women’s Attitude

  • fat-attention-whoreEvery time you “like” a girl’s lame pictures on Facebook, you add to her attitude, because she in fact starts believing that what she posted is worth noticing (when it probably isn’t).  If girls’ bad pictures and pointless updates didn’t get dozens of likes from guys, they would stop posting stupid stuff, and Facebook would become a better and less cluttered place.
  • Every time you check out a fat girl on the street, you send her the wrong message – that she is hot and she is worth looking at. If you stopped looking at fat girls it would force them to become more humble and at the same time work on losing weight. This will be to everyone’s benefit – the fat, bitchy girls will become nicer and hotter.
  • Every time you swipe right on Tinder / OkCupid on girls who are not that attractive, just in case, you boost their ego beyond where it should be. Once unattractive women stop getting so much attention on dating sites, they will lose all or much of their attitude.
  • Every time you walk on eggshells on a date, instead of saying the things you want and mean, you make your date feel like she is in charge in all the wrong ways. This will encourage her to be even more obnoxiously bossy than she would otherwise be, and would validate any type of domineering tendencies she already has due to living here. When you become as real as you want to be and are not afraid to take the risk and say the wrong thing even if it means that the date is over, the right woman will respect that, and the rest of them will fade.. like they should.
  • Every time you defend ultra feminism, thinking that your “liberal” views on women’s rights will impress a girl and make her more attractive to you, she sees how you toss your balls out the door. If you don’t act like the man who you are or should be, but like someone who tries to adjust to who you think she would like for you to be, you lose any chance of having her respect.

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