Diversity My Ass

mourad-san-franciscoDiversity? Where is it? What’s racial or religious diversity worth if the type of diversity that really matters –  the mental one – is so conspicuously absent?

  • Everyone has the same hobbies – yoga, boot camp, overrated dining out, Napa and Tahoe.
  • Everyone does the same thing for a living – all guys are in tech / law / finance and almost all women are in hr or marketing.
  • Everyone wears the same clothes. Guys looks like slobs or overdress peacocks in poorly fitted suits, and women look either like whored out secretaries on a porn shooting set or completely lulu-lemoned / niked out.
  • Everyone acts the same way – overconfident, overly excited, douchy, with a constant fake smirk (men) or smile (women), and constantly staring at their phone because they are, oh, so important.

We are becoming originally unoriginal with our kale, Project Juice, apples watches, and business mixers. A school uniform doesn’t sound so bad now.


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