I Sneezed

I was sitting at a cafe. Two guys on my right. Two guys on my left. I sneezed loudly. Both guys looked at me, smiled and said “bless you”. The girls completely disregarded and just kept talking like nothing happened.

What does it say about us? What does it say about the differences between men and women. Are girls really that afraid that saying “bless you?” will make me talk to them and be a pest? Or are women on average inherently less courteous or friendly than men?

10 thoughts on “I Sneezed

  1. I think woman are so used to unwanted attention they avoid any invite whatsoever, even if it means they have to be rude. Honestly if I am in a cafe and there is a cutest nice guy who sneezes, I may even avoid saying bless you on the off chance the creepy guy in the corner sees I have the ability to talk and tries to use it as an opportunity to engage with me. #sorrynotsorry

  2. Thats kind of a weak answer. I know plenty girls that dont say “excuse me,” “please,” “thank you,” “youre welcome,” etc. and not just because hes the creepy guy in the corner. I think this just highlights the unfriendly nature of this city that you rarely see elsewhere (eapecially with SF women).

    • What do you think is the reason that the girls in SF are so unfriendly and stand offish? Work stress? Full of themselves? Imitating others who are already unfriendly? Being brainwashed into believing that it’s cool to act like a bitch? A combination of all of the above?

  3. It seems like i have this same conversation with my friend every week. Dating women here is just different than dating women in other places. In my opinion, it is a combination of all the above you mentioned, and the fact that women here have socially conditioned themselves to act certain ways in certain situations (at a bar, at a coffee shop, walking alone down the street).

  4. If the situation was reverse, the girls acknowledging you with a “bless you”, but the guys carrying on paying no notice to your sneeze, how would you receive it?

    Would it make your blog?

    If so, would you stick to your blog’s theme, mainly focused on the women of San Francisco? Perhaps in this case, your shock of a rare discovery; “real women” among a flock of uptight bitches?

    Your honest answers to my questions above address the psychology of your experience.

    Raw truth is freeing. Minute occurrences we find personally upsetting, from strangers in particular, is a distracting path of negativity to take. Take a step back and view things in a broader perspective. There is more beauty to discover.

    We are all individuals. Our nation promotes diversity and most of make a conscious effort to align with that. But are we really? We are not accepting until we accept the differences in each other as individuals.

    Manners are to be appreciated; not expected or enforced. It isn’t against any law (constitutional or otherwise) to say “bless you”. To expect such a thing from strangers is rude. We don’t know if they may have a disability, mental disorder, cultural, religious excuse. Therefore: none of our business.

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