Three Types of San Francisco Fatigue

san-francisco-fatigue1. Dating fatigue. A thousand 30 min coffee dates that go nowhere will leave you empty, jaded, hopeless, and worn out physically and mentally, feeling profoundly bitter about wasting so much time and energy.

2. Texting fatigue. Staring at your phone screen too much and sending way more text messages than you really need to will waste a lot of your time that could be spent doing so many other things.

3. Fakeness fatigue. Constantly smiling, trying to appear more friendly, excited, and patient than you really are, asking and telling people things you don’t really mean (i.e. how are you? How was your weekend? Take your time. After you…), and suppressing negative emotions will eventually make you burst in rage or dive deep into depression due to this major lack of congruence between how you really feel and how you pretend to feel.

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