Three Reasons You Are Overbooked for the Next Two Weeks

  • overbookedYour job sucks. You spend at least 8 hours per day doing something you don’t like, don’t care for and feel is mundane and insignificant to your community or to humanity in general. Therefore, you have to make it up to yourself by packing as much stuff that makes you happy as humanly possible in little free time you have during the week.
  • You are insecure about your social status and value, and you think that overbooking yourself and making yourself sound super busy makes you more attractive. Wrong. It makes you look like a slave of your own circumstances. At least real slaves were forced to do what they don’ want to. You brought it upon yourself.
  • You are suffering from fear of missing out (FOMO) and keeping up with the Jones’es or rather – douches. You are a victim of the pressure to hit every type of restaurant and bar, yoga studio and hiking trip, post every picture on Facebook, and respond to every text, ping and e-mail, while not neglecting happy hours and trips to Napa & Tahoe.

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