Five Undeniable Reasons San Francisco Is So Damn Low on Love and Romance

no-ove-in-san-francisco1. You are too much in love with dining and drinking, which leaves little space in your heart and soul for falling in love with humans and for romantic walks – not to or from restaurants and bars but with no specific destination while enjoying each other’s company.

2. You are too in love with your job and your career, which leaves too little time and energy for loving humans.

3. You are too in love with being overbooked, having too many hobbies and appearing busier than you should really be, which makes you busy all the not-so-important things, while missing out on far more profound experiences.

4. You are too jaded. You have gone out on too many bad or not-so-great coffee dates, which left very little, if any, hope for being swept off your feet, or for pursuing someone like it’s the only special person for you in the world.

5. You are too in love with your smartphone. You look at it, you talk to it and you touch way too much, which leaves little time or energy for noticing, looking at and touching other fellow humans.


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