I Know You Are Disappointed She Is Not Single

A fan submitted a Tinder photo below apparently from the San Francisco area.  First, try not to drool over the irresistible image. Then, read the text below carefully and pay special attention to the “dating coach” and “disappointment” parts. And try not to vomit at this unprecedented complete-out-of-touch-with-reality mess. You might stain a Tesla.



4 thoughts on “I Know You Are Disappointed She Is Not Single

  1. Oh she is creative. She gets an “A” for the level of effort. No “plus” because her delivery is played out.

    When a woman reveals to a pool of men on the prowl she is taken, it raises her desirability as men naturally chase and the harder to get, the better the win. Sadly the strategy doesn’t work for a large number of women. “Virginia” among them, largely.

    She threw in a backup plan, the “just in case”, with an excuse to be an available and helpful professional. Giving comfort to frustrated, broken members resorting to believe development of dating “skill” the reason for not getting lucky (yeah right). As a result, “Virginia” receives more profile attention, moving her up in the pool of view, increasing her chances of getting lucky (yeah right).

    Brilliant marketing skills, but she is no genius. Careless in fact, given this would be highly unethical, a true professional knows that. So maybe this is a fake profile created by a man for his personal social experiment. In that case I would say genius with an “A”, but no plus.

    • This would be all true if she was at least marginally attractive. I don’t think making yourself unavailable makes you any less unattractive. I can’t help but wonder or hope that it’s a big joke and that she isn’t that delusional.

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