How to Recognize a Dating Profile of a Hopeless Feminist on OkCupid

I don’t know who the author of the profile below is, but I can guarantee you that if you meet her, along with her impressive eloquence you will also get a female who is as pompous as she is argumentative, and who is otherwise a total pain in the ass.


1 thought on “How to Recognize a Dating Profile of a Hopeless Feminist on OkCupid

  1. She sounds no different from most 20-40 somethings in the Bay Area. It has been a challenge to find at least one of these creatures in the middle of their amazing work to “build community” and “help the less fortunate”. I do notice many donate to TOMs shoes so perhaps that is validation enough for them to embellish on?

    I thought about exploring these beasts in their element. The risk is too great, as there is a heavy amount of alcohol consumption and several packs gathered in a small spot – at least one of the alpha females will be preheating I estimate. Ever been attacked by an intoxicated alpha she-beast during the week before they are in heat?

    Until PETA gives me permission to defend myself by tranquilizer gun, should one of these attack me and they will as they retain an impressive amount of things to be offended by and are quick to pounce just off that. It is not the she-beast fault though. They are all trained to be alphas therefore conditioned to believe they are always right.

    I am an “anti-feminist” woman by the way. Thought I would throw that in to turn up the heat.

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