New Sunday Brunch Douchefest

More overpriced,  bad greasy food and booze.  How original.


8 thoughts on “New Sunday Brunch Douchefest

  1. SF loves bottomless mimosas and boozy brunches. Anything soulless, dull and cliche appeals to the local pasty, vanilla, and boring population.

    • I just fell on my knees. There are more of us. As a misanthrope, I rarely say this and mean it, which I do with pleasure: glad to meet you. Finding a real person in the Bay Area is better than getting hit by a luxury car in the Marina driven by a Balboa Blonde whining because she will miss her hair appointment and I die with a smile.

  2. Seems the theme of San Francisco is centered around meeting, eating, and/or drinking. With all the opportunities to met, one would assume finding a partner must be a breeze. I am struggling to decide which of the two are worst to endure: single people with a dating hobby or newly engaged couples that harass every organism, dead and alive, starting with the thousand photos of the same platinum princess cut 3 ct ring to the….oh the updates stop at divorce.

    Curiously wondering what veuve clicquot translates to in English I found using Google Translator it is this: widow clicquot. Clicquot doesn’t translate so I’ll settle on my initial wondering if it could be “clique”. So a brunch for cliquey widows. Oh it must be a slice of heaven!

    • Love all your comments and it’s a pleasure to know that there is another soul out there who feels just as strongly about the bs around. By the way i know bitchyflower personally. Perhaps we can arrange a little hater get together sometimes soon?

      • Thank you, yes I would love to meet you both. It will be refreshing to finally discuss with others this intense passion that ignited in me at the mere age of eight. I’m relieved to have an excuse to stick around for a while. I wasn’t really thrilled about constructing underground residence on Antarctica and faking death as a tourist to escape from the growing number of snowflakes who use a silver spoon to induce vomiting 20 happy hour street tacos. The thought still gives me a moment of peace.

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