Were Local Ivy League Graduates Raised in Fremont?

guy-texting-san-franciscoThe singing, screeching, obnoxious valley-like accent and starting sentences with “liiiiiike” and “you know” don’t flatter anyone, let alone Cornell, Stanford and Berkeley graduates.

If there are so many of them around, why do they downgrade their communication style so much instead of raising the bar and making us climb up to the level that they are supposed to be at? Is it really that cool to sound dumb? And is that elite education then worth, if it doesn’t make you stand out as, if nothing else, more articulate individual?

3 thoughts on “Were Local Ivy League Graduates Raised in Fremont?

  1. You are truly a master of close range photos without the subject either noticing or caring. I guess the not noticing is part of the problem.

    • Yes sir. It’s not so much my skill but utter lack of situational awareness on the part of the subjects photographed. Admittedly, the task is much harder with darker people, especially the middle eastern kind. I am sure that it’s only a matter of time before I am seriously busted but hopefully the benefits outweigh the risks.

      • Interesting point about the different awareness of cultures in general. I am also sometimes tempted to grab a girls phone as she walks by glued to it (guys seem to at least realize the risk) and scold them after handing it back. In my generation Walkman were taken off people heads from behind when they were new and we seemed a little wiser back then.

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