Worse Than Yoga Pants?

Arguably, wearing a cycling jersey and matching accessories outside of the official race is even more tacky, douchy, and lame than letting your ass hang out in yoga pants all day long. Next time you see one of those cycle-douches taking a water break somewhere in the Marina, on their way to or from GG bridge, ask them whether they are actually endorsed by any of the names that are on their jersey.


2 thoughts on “Worse Than Yoga Pants?

  1. I thought these guys were supposed to be in France, yet there seems to be a growing amount of those things zipping about. I notice they are always solo too. They just appear all of a sudden as if they detoured off le tour into a portal and zapped into San Francisco. I must find out what is zapping them through and submit a request to stop placing them in front of me as I drive. I did not subscribe to view the rapid struggles between left and right butt check hemispheres! This city has enough problems! No more freak dumping!

    • spelling correction: butt CHEEK not check. I’ve checked out enough unwillingly.

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