One Kusakabe Yelp Review and Response

The Review:



The Response:

I love sushi. I dream of sushi. I am addicted to sushi. I get multiple orgasms from eating sushi.

Knowing that vain, overpriced dining is the only way to romance me, my beta of a bf booked us a dinner at Kusakabe. 

Best. Sex. Of. My. Life. And given how bland and uninspiring my actual sex life is, it shouldn’t surprise you.  

Every single item we had made me climax and scream from pleasure in ecstasy.   

Do yourself a favor and make a reservation ASAP. Drop everything you do at once and just run there, because putting a piece of fish wrapped in rice in your mouth is the the most important and the most enjoyable thing you can conceivably do in your life. 

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