What Has Been in Style for SF Men Over the Past Five Years or So

san-francisco-tech-start-up-slavesAfter recently observing what has been in style for SF women over the past decade or so, I feel obliged to make a similar observation about SF men:

  • Being a start-up tech slave;
  • Being a beta, i.e. not having the balls not only to make a move on a girl but even look them in the eye;
  • Being an angry driver, and honking like a maniac;
  • Having many LTD friendships.
  • Wearing pocket squares;
  • Wearing poorly fitted, over-sized suit coats with pants that show ankles.
  • Wearing a constant grin of overconfidence and over-inflated self esteem on their face;
  • Having a James Bond haircut without having any other James Bond features.
  • Being a douche.


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