SF – The City of Plummeting Female Sex Drive

female-sex-driveHave you ever asked yourself whether a great interest among SF women in working out so hard and running marathons, heavy drinking, taking corporate jobs, working very long hours, having low voices and having an over-confident body language have something in common?

I believe there is a powerful, fundamental change taking place in women’s anatomy, which is manifested by all of the above behaviors – SF women’s elevated testosterone levels. Women in SF are becoming more masculine in just about every way – from their looks, speech, demeanor and behavior to their interests, hobbies, goals and ambitions. At the same time, they become less feminine, and as a result – less interested in male companionship and sex.

This is not just about feminism and liberation anymore. This is about something much deeper – human biology. This change is kind of scary, and I hope that like many other things, it is cyclical, and sooner than later women will start getting over that eagerness to prove that they can do and be anything a man can – both, for their sake, and for the sake of the men around them. Getting there will require re-evaluating priorities, and realizing that no amount of boot-camp training, yoga, Soul Cycle, organic juicing, and VP jobs, and happy hours will make up for missing out on having an electrifying orgasm and everything that comes within hours before and after it.

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