We Are Way Overdue for Expressing Real Gratitude

gratitutdeBlabbing about gratitude while drinking coconut water doesn’t really explain what gratitude means exactly. As important as noting the simple things around us, such as flowers and fresh air – that’s not gratitude.

Gratitude is something that we never do or observe. Gratitude is when you come into your boss’s office and genuinely thank him for your bonus or raise; and not because you think you don’t deserve it or you see it as a favor, but because you really appreciate it.

Gratitude is when a waiter at a restaurant comes up to you and thanks you for your generous tip instead of acting like you haven’t done anything special.

Gratitude is when your friend sends you a bottle of wine or a nice box of candy for setting him or her up with someone on a date regardless of how that date went, because that friend appreciates your effort and your thoughtfulness.

Gratitude is complimenting people on their behavior and actions, rather than their appearance. When was the last time you complimented someone or heard someone else compliment another person on being a good listener, punctual, straightforward, eloquent?

We expect an take for granted too many people and too many things, and we are way overdue for expressing real gratitude – the kind of gratitude that you don’t just contemplate in your own mind, but you actually express to others.

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