constipationThe say that one of the dangers of constipation is the fact that when feces stay too long inside our intestine, some of those toxins that are supposed to be evacuated through a timely bowel movement go back into our bloodstream, slowing us doing and every poisoning us.

Is it possible that the same happens to our honest beliefs, opinions and judgments. I wonder if hiding how you really feel behind fake smiles and pleasantries day in and day, telling people “take your time” when you are impatient, and saying “it’s ok, don’t worry about it” when it’s not ok, is what makes us lash out randomly. I wonder what will happen if we stop smiling as often for no reason.

What will happen if we allow our directness to drip out slowly throughout the day instead of letting the rage build up all day and then blow up by flipping off a random driver, or posting a hateful comment on Youtube? Maybe letting our hate out slowly but continuously is one real way toward reducing our consumption of anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication as well.

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