Downgrading SF Series: #2 – Next Victim: Yoshi’s

yoshi's san franciscoThe Addition / SF location of Yoshi’s has announced its closure. According to the article – the management team of Fillmore Live Entertainment Group (FLEG) explained that the sudden closure is due to “some financial hardships resulting from reduced revenue since the takeover in July.” 

Let me shed some dark light on the at least two major reasons for the “reduced revenue”:

1. The local tech/finance/law slaves become a progressively larger % of the total population of this city. These are the people who earn and have bulk of the money. Today, they have less time, energy, or motivation to enjoy the intangible – that which would touch their soul, rather than their palate. They are fully consumed with their start-ups, revenue, and performance reviews, and have no space in their schedule, or mind or soul for the things that Yoshi’s and alike have to offer. The only think they want and are able to do after work is eat, drink and maybe squeeze a work out here and there, so they don’t feel too bad about not having a life.

2. The above mentioned money makers are mostly White and Asian. Many of them are too uncomfortable in the area where Yoshi’s is located. When some of them describe the area, you would think they are talking about Kongo. This exaggerate fear of the area discourages the remaining few who would otherwise have gone to Yoshi’s at least every now and then.

It’s a sad time for San Francisco when two significant venues such as Supper Club and Yoshi’s shut down during the same month. Some say, it’s survival of the fittest. To me it looks more like survival of the douchiest.

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