Downgrading SF Series: #1 – Supper Club

supper-club-sfToday, we start the “downgrade” series that will be devoted to reporting on how and what things change in the city to make it less interesting and less fun than in not so distant past.

According to this article, it appears that January 23, 2015 will be the last day of business for Supper Club SF.

Supper Club brings some great memories. I went there for the first just a few days after it opened. It immediately struck me as an Oasis from the mainstream and from the annoying. It was one of the very few places that combined qualities that seems mutually exclusive at that time – it looked fancy and yet it had great music. The clientele was well dressed and clearly well off, yet not pretentious or otherwise douchy. This was one of those unique clubs where you can eat, watch a trapeze show and then dance the night away to a great music. In fact, the music was usually so good that it was hard to resist jumping.

The club maintained a low profile – no lines, no neon lights, no door policies or privileges – just a cool place with great music without trying too hard. This attitude is what kept bridge and tunnel and other random visitors belong away.

Then, after a couple of years, Supper Club started becoming more and more empty  – first on weekdays and then on weekends as well. A few years ago, I already knew that such a place as Supper Club is destined to die in SF. It’s too cool, too unconventional, and too low key to make it in the city that simply doesn’t appreciate that which is truly eclectic anymore. Start-up slaves, corporate lawyers and financiers, and hr / account manager ditz don’t have either the spirit or the energy to appreciate music and vibe which moves body and soul.

I expected the club manager to go way too soft on the reasons behind closing in order to preserve his good name in the city, and I wasn’t wrong. Therefore, let me translate his following words for you to make it more clear:

“The climate changed in the SoMa area. We started looking at whether it’s financially viable to renew a lease with the current state of the pricing in the area. We wanted to change our direction anyhow after 10 years,” says Anthony. “The bandwidth has become a little different than it was in the start.” 


The climate has changed in the Soma Area – it turned from a fun, vibrant party place, to a pretentious sprawl of tech companies, overpriced condos, overrated restaurants, and posers who go to be at 9 pm.  We realized that we can’t keep up with the greed of the local landlords, considering the diminishing demand for what we had to offer. The bandwith has become a little different – it changed from cool to lame and incapable of appreciating great music and creating energy which defines a city that oh so often holds itself out as a “big city”.   

The question is – which of the very few cool bars, clubs or coffee shops will be next to go to make SF look and feel even more like all those places from which we ran to SF in order to find something different.

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