50 Shades of Entitlement

entitlement mentalityIt seems that so many of the issues that add an ugly shade to our society stem from one quality. This might be one of the most, if not the most, repulsive quality that especially we, Americans, are known for – sense of entitlement. Besides  the fact that entitlement mentality makes people look and act arrogant, pretentious and otherwise douchy, it also seems to have a number of other profound, even if not so obviously related ramifications. Here are just a few random but important examples:

Bragging is Everywhere

Look at any social, professional or dating  website – from Facebook and Instagram to Linkedin and OkCupid. What do you find? Non-stop bragging. The common message you see is “I am the shit; I am the best thing that ever happened to this world.”

Have you eavesdropped on a job interview or a sales meeting? Many interviews for the local start-ups in my area take place at Starbuck and Peet’s.  Most of them make me cringe. The candidate describe their skills as exceptional and phenomenal. I would think that if that’s your level of expertise, you would be on the front page of at least one or two tech magazines. How embarrassing.

Are dates any better? How many times have you gone out with a girl who would talk your ear off about how busy and how independent she is and how exciting her life is.

Everything We Hate About Women Comes Down to Entitlement   

Almost every criticism of western women on this site can be traced back to their inflated sense of self worth. Dating entitled women is a punishment few men deserve. Next time you are out and you notice stuck-up, arrogant, stone-cold, miserable face on a girl, ask yourself if she would have had the same look, had her parents not spoiled her, and had she not been treated like a master by the Starbucks baristas-servants day in and day out. Hardships lead to humility. Hardship free life only leads to cuntship – becoming a fussy, high maintenance, over processed creature we all have come to love hating on.

Entitlement Keeps Overpriced Restaurants and Bars in Business

Why do you think people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for greasy, unhealthy food in all those French/Italian restaurants? Again, it all comes down to entitlement – we believe we deserve the finer things in life. Whether they are actually fine is a different question, but as long as the herd of sheep is following in the same mainstream direction, we follow.

Why So Many Americans Don’t Like Traveling to France and Why the French Don’t Like Us   

French are generally not rude, and they are not assholes to normal people. But if you bring your  I-pay-so-you-have-to-kiss-my-ass attitude from the US, expected to be treated like shit. It’s only fair after all. French waiters are not your subordinates. They work with you and not for you, no matter how many euros you spend on that tiny cup of coffee or razor blade thin crepe. You might have gotten used to being worshipped in hotels and restaurants in Southern California and other parts of this country, but what makes you think that that’s something you should expect, even if you are being unreasonable or downright obnoxious to staff? The truth is that the customer is not always right. The customer is often wrong and he needs to be put in his place. Sometimes it takes  a 10 hour flight to learn this, but it’s an important lesson to have.

Entitlement, Victim Mentality and Recent Police Shootings 

The recent police shootings and subsequent riots are also caused in large part by entitlement. All kinds of entitlement. From our entitlement that leads us to thinking that we are equal to cops instead of treating them with the deference they deserve as officers of the law, to the officers’ entitlement to think that they can shoot whoever they want. Without assigning blame to one side or the other, had it not been for  this deep rooted entitlement, much of that drama would have been avoided.

Entitlement and Affirmative Action in the Academic World

What about the right to have C average and sit next to someone in class who busted his ass day and night to have straight A’s, just because you are of a darker / more yellow color? That’s just another form of entitlement – to have access to something not because of who you are and what you did, but because of what you are.

Entitlement and Being Sue-Happy

Every meritless lawsuit that’s filed also comes from entitlement and victim mentality. So many of us have become used to blaming anything and everything but ourselves for all kinds of accidents. After all,  why would we ever accept personal responsibility for not operating that pressure cooker properly and having it explode, or slipping and falling on fairly dry floor?

How We Became So Entitled

While I am not qualified to run through the whole comprehensive analysis of the history of entitlement in the US, two specific factor is definitely to blame

(1) Good customer service

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy being served in hotels, restaurants and stores as much as anyone else. And I like getting help 24/7 online or on the phone as much as you do. However, this kind of treatment does to us what being too lenient of a parent does to children – it turned us to whiny little bitches. It would be healthy for us to not always get what we want. Imagine an obnoxious blonde walking into Starbucks while talking on her phone and goes “Small macchiato” and the barista says “We are out of that drink today” or even better  “Placing an order requires giving me full and undivided attention, which means getting off the phone.”  A few such experiences and that girl’s behavior would have to change.  Once she knows that she doesn’t always get what she wants, she will have to become at a least a little more humble.

(2) Excessive positive reinforcement

As unattractive as insecurity and low self esteem might be, overconfidence is way worse. Just think of a fat, ugly girl with an attitude of a 9. We are being constantly encouraged to be ourselves and to believe in our inner beauty. But what about those who don’t have any inner beauty? Apparently, instead of working hard on becoming more worthy on the inside and the outside, they should just be content with who they are and not allow anyone doubt their worth. And that’s were the aforementioned bragging comes in really handy.

The Solution – Bad Service and Less Positive Reinforcement

The bad service we get when flying on our local airlines from the old, angry flight attendants might just be a blessing in disguise. It bursts our bubble a little bit every time we fly domestic.  These kinds of experiences are essential to keeping our ego at bay, and not allowing us to act like we are some kind of royalty. And more tough love along with constructive criticism can further help all the entitled among us become less so.

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