No Food Will Make You Orgasm

Stop looking and hopinquince gluttony san franciscog. No steak or sushi or first grade lobster will make you ejaculate, and it doesn’t matter how many Michelin stars are slapped on this restaurant or that restaurant. There is simply no way around it – food has some capacity to please your us and our pallet – not more and not less. It was meant to provide nutrients; not to be a cultural obsession or a hobby unless you are a chef or a hedonist-glutton.

They often refer to both food and sex as basic necessities. This comparison has a huge caveat that’s rarely mentioned. Even though food is essential to our being while sex isn’t, the latter and all that can be associated with it, i.e. affection, connection, intimacy, etc… provide for a much deeper and more powerful experience and pleasure. Let’s keep that in mind the next time someone hypocritically argues that sex isn’t that important.

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