Did You Know That Shit Floats Westbound?

san-francisco-marina-blonde-girlI have noticed an interesting discrepancy. Overall, women are waaaay more attractive and waaaaay nicer in NYC than in SF. Clearly, the recent migration for tech jobs that brings women from the East Coast to SF, brings the worst kind  – pasty complexion, masculine energy, bad attitude, testosterone infused voice, and average at best looks.  Sure, they have the degrees to take on the corporate slave jobs and the ambition to run marathons and bench press more than I do and drink way more than I do (that’s not hard to do), but… who cares about that?

Clearly, New York has been shipping women of their lowest grade over to us. This means that they keep the hottest girls, and our sausage fest is diluted mostly by arrogant 6’s who think they are God’s gift.

But then again, considering the competition among women for guys in New York, only the best can survive it there, so the rest have to float westbound to SF in search of tamed, tech puppies who are going to warship them out of sheer desperation.

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