We Are Half the Men We Used to Be – Let’s Not Worry About Our Sixth Sense for Now

Having a calculator by our side at all times on our phone and using it for the most simple calculations has atrophied our brain and made us stop trusting it with the most basic math.

Relying on GPS and not flexing our very basic sense of direction and navigation to try to remember our way back will surely make our minds even weaker in ways that we don’t yet know and we haven’t yet explored.

Reading, typing, and texting way too many things that don’t matter make us skim through things and often miss the truly important. Rushing through the all the garbage we read and hear, we become impatient. We misunderstand, misinterpret or plain miss what we hear or read more than ever before, because we have to hurry and go over so much. How many times did you ask someone three questions by e-mail or text to only receive answers to two of them? – Clearly, we are one step closer to becoming retarted.

No longer holding pictures and letters in our hands makes us less sentimental and numbs yet another important part of our soul.

No longer making eye contact with strangers, approaching women in real life or even turning back to check them out yet again (the latter behavior seems to have been criminalized lately) is a poisonous spear that pierced our basic male courage.

Will there be something to help us restore and strengthen our mind and to compensate it for this deterioration? I don’t see it coming, but I hope I am wrong.

For the time being, we don’t need to worry developing the sixth sense. Lets work on appreciating and not losing the five ones that mother nature and God so kindly and graciously blessed us with.

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