The Douchification of Online Dating Continues with BeLinked

belinked lame dating appThere is a new way to meet even more lame and more pretentious people than you are naturally surrounded by in FiDi  through a new app that combines the douche factor of LinkedIn and the superficial, lazy swiping idea of Tinder – BeLinked. Supposedly, it’s an app like Tinder but it is attached to your Linkedin Profile. You can anonymously swipe people in your industry left and right (not necessarily your connections) and get matched. If you thought you were profoundly tired of hearing the good old “So… what do you do?” cliche, imagine how stale and sodium free the first date conversations are going to be between the BeLinked drones. The biggest initial challenge on these dates will be to not let the vomit erupt as soon as you hear “So….. how do like this new app?” or even worse – going straight to discussing the only thing they most likely have in common  – work – and boring each other death in under 20 minutes.

BTW, I propose a new name for this app – BeDouched.

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