It’s Your Fault SF Women Are Fucked Up

  • girl holding diploma mbaYou are the one who built cellphones and made women addicted and glued to texting, and being attached to their work e-mail 24/7. Don’t blame them for acting disinterested in the world around them and for ruining your chances at day game.
  • You are the one who built Facebook and Instagram to encourage women to become attention whores. It’s your fault that every fat, ugly bitch thinks she is God’s gift to this world and to the male kind specifically. You are the one who posts comments on her Facebook photos about how sexy she is, even if she completely lacking  any hint of sex appeal.
  • You are the one who built, OkCupid, and Tinder for women to be overwhelmed and confused with attention from way too many guys.  Don’t complain that women can’t make plans with you and chronically flake.
  • You are the one who tells women who you barely know how wonderful they are just to get laid. Why are you surprised that they are full of themselves on one hand, and they are too jaded to trust you on the other hand?
  • You are the one who came up with tattoos and piercing so that women can desecrate their body under the guise of being a rebel. Don’t complain that every other girl looks like the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. You gave her the tools to look like a vampire.
  • You are the one who stares at women everywhere you go without making a move, making them lose respect for you and your betafied ways.
  • You are the one who created alcohol and delivered it to women to get them drunk and make them do things not because they really want to, but because their judgment is clouded or completely impaired.
  • You are the one who created a mediocre educational system, where anyone with half a brain can get an MBA. You give out diplomas from “top” schools to those who wouldn’t even graduate from a mid-range high-school in any European or Asian country. Why are you surprised that women with these worthless academic labels think so highly of themselves and have such an arrogant aura to them?
  • You are the one who made women work over 12 hours a day to pay rent and keep up with the latest fashion and local dining habits. It’s your fault they walk around with stress-out cunt-faces and hardly ever smile or make eye contact with anyone.
  • You are the one who is boring and who has nothing else to give except what you can buy with your money, so don’t blame women so much for being greedy and materialistic, and for caring how much money you have and what kind of car you drive. Perhaps once you have a few interesting stories, thoughts or jokes to share, and once you are able to go beyond small talk on your dates, things will turn around and your money won’t matter to her as much.

Stop blaming women for how fucked up they are. It’s pretty much all your fault.

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