Flyers for the Hottest San Francisco Parties of 2014

Have you been wondering why the nightlife has been so comatose lately in “the city”? Come on, we both know it has nothing to do with holidays, weather and all these other bs excuses that we hear all the time.

The explanation is very simple. Every minute that any cute girl of any legal drinking age spends sending messages on OkCupid, swiping Tinder, posting, tagging or IM’ng on Facebook, messing on the Instagram, or just texting back and forth about nothing is the minute that translates into hours not spent dressing up and going out clubbing late at night. If girls are not out, what’s the incentive for the straight guys to want to go out? It’s not a secret that we find sausage fest to be depressing an aesthetically repulsive.

Hence, below are the flyers for the hottest “parties” in SF for 2014. I expect it to only get worse in the years to come.


Once such iconic places as 1015, DNA Lounge, Holy Cow, The Endup and alike slowly go out of business because no one goes out, there will be fewer place to go and as a result – even less incentive for the young crowed to get off their asses, to get away from their laptops and i-phones, and go out.
okcupid-san-franciscoinstagram san franciscofacebook san franciscotinder san franciscojdate-san-franciscoi-phone-san-francisco

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