“Return of Queens” – A Promising Blog for Women is Doomed to Becoming Bland and Vanilla

Originally, Return of Queens was inspired by the famously controversial men’s blog Return of Kings. ROQ (Return of Queens) was started by a woman or a group of women, and it has been dedicated to reviving traditional feminine values, femininity and to “raise the awareness of anti-feminism” as their header says. That’s a noble cause, to say the least, especially during these toughs times, when women are more and more confused about what it means to be a woman, especially here in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, the owners of ROQ makes a few critical mistakes that will necessary make their site less interesting less worthy of reading. Leaving a side that the quality of writing of most articles is C+/B- , banning men from writing or posting comments is a recipe for one sided and extremely incomplete discourse. . Not allowing men to participate in the discussion about dating, love and sex means that the women who read those articles only get one side of the story, and they are missing out on something that would be so important and useful to their better understanding of gender dynamics – the men’s opinion on the same issues. And that’s a shame.

By the way, I would rate most ROK’s articles at B+/A-, and quite a few deserve to be called classic pieces of modern wisdom). I also know that ROK provides for a full freedom of speech. They don’t care what the commenters’ gender is, and they certainly don’t pride themselves on “heavy moderation”. It’s a shame that ROQ  is enforcing such unreasonable censorship that hurts it so much more than helps, and I really hope they will change this pointless policy and would allow men to voice their opinions on that site in order to make it more objective, more complete and more interesting.


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