SF’s Cool Spirit Continues Being Evaporated One Cool Low Key Coffee Shop at a Time

tullys-fillmore-jacksonThe potential 75% rent increase renewal kills the last SF Tully’s Coffee. How sad. I guess a mellow, not-in-yo-face coffee house with snacks that are different from your generic Starbucks / Peet’s crap and strong, but not too strong, coffee doesn’t deserve a spot in the city anymore.

What kind of establishment is going to occupy the Southwest corner of Fillmore / Jackson next? Let me take a few a guesses:

* An overpriced boutique with very few items to choose from, that hardly has a single soul enter its doors (like Rag and Bone that took over the Royal Ground’s space a few blocks down the street); or
* Another salon for blow drying hair, or something else equally vain lame; or
* Another sterile, bland, douchy, overrated restaurant.

I am just happy to know that there are places out there, like Tokyo, where Tully’s seems to be doing just fine. You better enjoy The Grove, Quetzel down on Polk and the few coffee houses that ares till on life support in the Mission and Divisadero while they last.

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