More Asian Women in SF Compete for Ms. Testosterone Title

masculine asian womanThe times when Asian women were considered soft, sensual, feminine and physically fragile (all of the above are compliments) come to an end rapidly, at least in SF, as more and more of them can’t resist the pressure of the white female herd to join crossfit / boot camp / marathon training and adopt other traditionally masculine hobbies. As more Asian women in SF engage in that which is unkind to their nature – lifting heavy weights, triathlons, rock climbing, instead of just sticking to the more gentle sports such as yoga / palates, etc.., their reputation for being sexier, hornier, and being more sexually desirable than their white peers is destined to vanish in SF quicker than the cool neighborhood coffee shops.

Surely, the SF tech betas could borrow some of that quickly generating female testosterone to boost their aggression and make it go beyond building another mobile app or ordering another drink.

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