Two Kinds of Feminism – Equality v Equivalence

sheryl.sandberg.feminismAny discussion about feminism is doomed until and unless the term is properly defined. No one cares about the formal definition, so lets go straight to the heart of the matter – there are two main kind of perception of feminism: (a) a movement toward equality of rights and opportunity for men and women; and (b) a movement that seems to suggest that men and women should actually have the same roles in a family unit, at work and in the world in general – i.e. this is a movement toward the equivalence of sexes.

The former kind of feminism is a great idea. While the latter is the one that’s a cause for real concern. When women are brainwashed to strive for having the same goals, ambitions, behavior and lifestyle as men and they actually take this advice seriously, they start actually turning into men   – their body language, voices and their overall energy becomes incompatible with the very notion of femininity. And… in case you haven’t given this sufficient thought, femininity is a woman’s most beautiful and the most compelling quality from a man’s perspective.

Sadly, so many women in San Francisco have fully embraced the equivalence approach. They believe that acting tough, unapproachable, and having an arrogant, entitled body language flatters them. But it doesn’t. On the contrary – to any even mildly experienced and perceptive man, this behavior is both puzzling and laughable.

It’s great to have equal rights. But encouraging women to become just like men by adopting male behaviors, choices and mannerisms is a crime against humanity for which we will pay in the future directly and indirectly in more ways than we can imagine today. And higher divorce, alcoholism and depression rates among women is just the beginning.

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