15 Things Wrong With Straight Men in San Francisco

After talking about all the things wrong with San Francisco women, it’s only fair that this would be the right time to unleash some well deserved hate on San Francisco men:

1. They are alcoholics.
2. They are boring and rarely go beyond small talk.
3. They think showing emotion is gay.
4. They think using uncommon terms is gay.
5. They have been betafied into being afraid to check girls out or make a move unless they are completely drunk.
6. They are all in tech, finance or law.
7. They are some of the biggest douches in the universe.
8. They have round, fat faces and beer guts.
9. They are seriously lacking in culture. They don’t read classic literature, and have no appreciation for live performance, unless it’s crappy, mainstream rock music, bad comedy, baseball or other low-class entertainment.
10. They have bad style – oversized clothes, short pants, mismatched colors, and pocket squares that they can’t pull off.
11. They don’t have real friends, but only business leads, barely wingmen, and drinking buddies.
12. They are afraid to say anything negative, sarcastic or controversial, because they are so concerned with their public image
13. They think that going out in the Marina is cool.
14. They are as big foodies as the local women are.
15. They don’t have the balls to make a move on a woman and put their corporate ego on the line.

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